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Long Island, Bahamas

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WELCOME to, an online guide to the remarkable out-island in the Bahamas, known as LONG ISLAND!

Long Island is an absolute GEM of an island. It is very different from other Bahamian and Caribbean islands, partially because it is off the beaten path, so it still retains the charm of an authentic, uncommercialized island community. This means Long Island offers adventure, romance, and relaxation like you have never experienced it before.

This also means it is can be quite difficult to find information about this island online and off. In order to help others discover the MAGIC of Long Island, I created this website offering you heaps of FREE, ACCURATE, and UP TO DATE information.

In fact, you won't find a more extensive compilation of info on Long Island, Bahamas anywhere else! You will find everything you need to plan your OWN vacation in paradise or home-buying adventure right here in this site!

You might be surprised to find that the Long Island, Bahamas is:

* One of the most unique tropical escapes on the planet.

* A fabulous place to own a second home.

* A great place to invest, make a film, or start a business.

* An incredible offering of unique island photography, art, music, and cuisine.

Take your time, look around, and help yourself to the wealth of FREE information here.

What does Bahamatopia mean anyway? Bahamatopia describes the little bit of heaven on earth that is Long Island, Bahamas. Take a look at the video below and see what I mean....

Beautiful, Diverse, and Friendly, Long Island, Bahamas is unparalleled throughout the Caribbean. There is nowhere else like it on EARTH!

Warm sunshine, cool breezes, secluded beaches, clear water, natural beauty, and friendly people.

This site is constantly updated with priceless content as we discover even more valuable knowledge to help you experience Long Island - the best of the Bahamas!

Welcome to Bahamatopia!

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